• Why flat footwear when your foot is arched?

    If our body is a wonder then our feet is definitely a marvel and a complex piece of engineering worthy of our attention.
  • CMM - Individually handcrafted for every Individual

    Colour Me Mad introduces for the first time ever in India, very unique and creative concept in footwear. 
  • Did you know CMM gets recycled?

    CMM footwear as we emphasize is made from completely natural materials. We use cork in our footwear which is also known as nature’s leather. Cork is derived in the form of bark tissue from cork oak tree.
  • Colour Me Mad Footwear

    Colour Me Mad (CMM) is a trendy footwear brand which offers comfortable yet fashionable footwear to its customer. The concept of CMM is to design its footwear with peculiar designs which are colourful and attractive to the customer. These designs appeal to young as well as old, because it is not just the designs but the handcrafted comfort that is imparted in the footwear.
  • Customized footwear from CMM, a game changer!

    How many of you have envied the film stars with their wardrobe full of different and shining footwear which go out with their every outfit? I am sure, most of us have. We always want that perfect pair of footwear which can go well with different outfits suitable for the occasion. But how do we achieve this without spending a fortune and not cluttering our wardrobe with so many pairs? 
  • Why CMMs Are so popular?

    With overwhelming response and demand for our footwear, Colour Me Mad, we decided to check what's make them so popular?
  • Why do we wear dirty Footwear?

    It is observed that people seldom take care of their footwear. We take care and maintain hygiene for our clothes, accessories and bags as well. But none of us consider footwear as important to look after them regularly.