We ship throughout the week except Sunday and public holidays (mentioned on our website) by India’s most reliable and reputed logistic partner, DTDC Express. Wherever DTDC Express does not have service, we ship through Speed / Registered Post.

The cost for delivery of your footwear is included in the price itself so you know you don’t have to pay anything extra and complete transparency is ensured. Octroi / Entry tax may be applicable in case of returns back to us if the order value exceeds Rs.5000 and the same will be collected by DTDC Express.

If there are more than 2 Cash On Delivery orders to be delivered to the same address, we will ship the first 2 orders and subsequently ship the remaining orders.


How long does it take for an order to arrive?

Orders received today will be usually shipped by the third day and it will reach you latest on the sixth day.

What if the product is received in damaged condition?

Although we take a lot of care in packaging and shipping the product, there could be unforeseen circumstances in which the packaging is damaged. In that case, immediately open the packaging and check the product. If the footwear is damaged or worn out, then please ship it back with DTDC Courier immediately for which the cost will be borne by us and we will be happy to replace the same at no additional cost.

But in case the product is in good condition, then we will not replace or ship back the product so please be sure of the condition of the product before you return it back.

How do you can track your order?

You will receive your tracking number on your registered Email ID once the footwear has been couriered to you.

Click here and enter the Tracking Number which will provide you with the latest information on the delivery of the product.