You cannot refuse delivery and return the footwear back to us without taking delivery and inspecting the footwear. If you do so or if the footwear is not delivered despite two attempts by the courier or postal service (they have a normal practice to call in case of non delivery in the first attempt) either due to non availability or incorrect address, then the footwear will not be delivered back to you and you will have to collect the same from our Mumbai office.


In case you are not satisfied with the quality of the footwear or if there is a manufacturing defect, please ship the footwear back to us at our mailing address to reach us within 15 days of receipt of the footwear mentioning the order number and your complaint. On receiving the footwear , we will inspect the footwear and if there is a discrepancy, a new footwear will be shipped back to you immediately without any additional charges.



We believe in providing customers with a great product but do not provide any refund under any circumstances. In case of double payment from the customer by mistake the same will be refunded to the customer through online transfer within 7 working days.


After confirmation of order and receipt of payment, cancellation will not be entertained.