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The footwear comprises of natural cork and rubber, moulded together with premium adhesives. The make is intentionally heavy in order to receive body weight and distribute it evenly.

Cork is a relatively soft material and mold themselves to wearer's foot.This creates a custom fit that conforms to the wearer's natural shape, offering a high degree of comfort. Bacteria feeds on the sweat secreted by feet when inside shoes or sandals. By using cork, there is far less moisture buildup left in the shoe.

These are daily-wear footwear and the more you use them, the more nurtured your back, spine and joints will be.

The footbed is made of memory foam that is known for its durability and utility. Memory foam will customize the footbed to your body weight and heel pressure.

The product has evolved after years of meticulous research in orthopaedics. The cork foot bed is a repository of health benefits for the musculo-skeletal system.

Absolutely. The product is usable in rain, at beach, by the poolside and it dries very fast. There will be no change in colour and quality.

Minimal! Gentle strokes with soft brush, soap and water will result in deep cleansing the footwear.

Yes. The product is available on our website and is also available on major e-commerce portal Limeroad. We're also on UAE E-commerce giant,

We have made good inroads into the retail sector with many different footwear retailers spread across India, collaborating with us. The details are available on our website.
The reception has been terrific in places like Istanbul, Milan and Dubai, where we participated in mega-events. We are also live on major e-commerce portal in the UAE.
They are ideal for use during pregnancy, for flat, broad and swollen feet.